Cornell Daily Sun Abandons Obsolete Online Presence for State-of-the-Art Print Newspaper

ITHACA COMMONS—After over a decade of publishing their daily newspaper online, The Cornell Daily Sun has officially decided to cut their anachronistic and outdated digital branch and stop publishing on their website.

“We at the Sun have a commitment to staying contemporary and felt that deleting our website would be a good place to start in our strive to remaining relevant and fresh,” said Stephanie Kim, Assistant to the Editor of the Cornell Daily Sun in a statement released today.

“With such low demand for our online server, the cost of maintaining the website is too great to support. Some of our more conservative readers will undoubtedly struggle in fully giving up their beloved digital format, but I think once they see that print is the future of journalism, they will finally submit to deactivating our tumblr page, the last vestiges of our tired electronic presence, and going exclusively print.”

Later on in the day, the Sun’s editors were seen closing the lids on their laptops and headed to the Risley basement, where they plan on firing up their 1911 printing press for tomorrow’s morning edition.

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