Elizabeth Garrett Finally Fitting in with Wrong Crowd

ITHACA SKATE PARK — Finally, at the end of her first semester at Cornell, President Elizabeth Garrett is settling in and making new friends with some burnouts from Ithaca High School.

“These guys get me, you know?” said Garrett on the halfpipe of the Ithaca skate park, “I feel like I can finally reinvent my image now that I’m at Cornell. This is who I am now, and they’ve accepted me for it.”

Feeling that many of her Cornell peers couldn’t cut loose and have fun as easily, Garrett joined her new crew in early November and was quickly accepted into the group of tattooed, pierced youths. Her best friend is a short kid named Dwiggy who has the words “Dirt Devil” inked on his forehead.

“There’s also this guy called Switchblade who hangs out with us sometimes. His parents aren’t home much, so we usually go over to his house and trash the place,” added Garrett.

Garrett’s new friends are all nice people at heart, but her better judgment says she should meet some quieter students to lay low with ever since the gang got busted for shoplifting cigarettes.

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