Spotify Playlist Only Sound Student Knows Anymore

KEETON HOUSE – At the end of this Fall semester, Evan Hunter ‘18 now finds himself unable to remember any sound that doesn’t come from his expansive Spotify library.

“I haven’t stopped listening to music for the past two weeks. Everywhere I go, no matter what I do, I can only hear the cacophony of my ‘Studytime Mix’ playlist,” said Hunter, while listening to Hotline Bling in the back row of his math lecture.

The Sophomore Engineer no longer recognizes even the most common sounds, from Clocktower’s daily chimes to his mother’s own voice.

“What? I can’t hear you. I can now only hear Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence. It’s been on repeat for the past two hours. I miss hearing my friends laugh.”

Hunter added that life would be considerably easier for him if he could just stop studying and take his earphones out, but until such a time presents itself, he might as well invest in a Spotify Premium account.

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