Mother Interrupting Studying for Some Stupid, Unknown Sentimental Reason

OLIN — During an important study period before the last week of classes, Charlie Hodges ’19 was rudely interrupted with a barrage of affectionate texts from his mother, sent randomly and without context on the second Sunday in May.

“Dusting your bookshelves and found your old copy of Peter Rabbit!! Remember when you made me read it to you every night? Missing you a little extra this morning! I love YOU!!! (3 heart emojis)”, Mrs. Hodges sent at 10:30 AM without any clarification as to why this particular morning was more special.

At 10:45, 11:30, and 11:38 AM respectively, Hodges learned that his mother had also “made his favorite breakfast sammie,” “found the cutest baby pictures,” and “absolutely LOVED the flowers that Travis-Next-Door gave HIS mommy.” These unwarranted, heartfelt messages set Hodges back an untold number of hours on studying for his two end of the year, in-class finals.

“Is she just really lonely today?” a flustered and distracted Hodges said, “I told her multiple times that I have a paper and two exams this week, why doesn’t she understand I have my own business to worry about?”

Hodges eventually caved in when his mother had the audacity to FaceTime him four times in a row after he had just started a 10 page paper due tomorrow.


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