Freshman From Montana Excited To Be Forever Known as Person From Montana

MEWS HALL – Upon telling her new floormates that she was originally from Bozeman, Montana, freshman Diane Hollis ’20 is reportedly excited to be referred to as “that person from Montana” for the remainder of her collegiate career.

“Hey, you must be that girl from Montana, right? Oh cool,” said a fellow Mews resident from much more normal Michigan, leaving Hollis to wonder if she was giving off some sort of Montana vibe or if word of such a strange US resident had already made its way around the entire floor so quickly.

“What’s your name again? Ah never mind, I’ll just remember you as Montana Girl or maybe Hannah Montana or something clever and annoying like that. Can’t wait to see you around more!”

Later that evening, attention shifted away from Hollis for a bit when everyone on the floor discovered that her roommate was from the same hometown where Mister Rogers was born.

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