Freshmen Waiting for School Bell To Go Off After Lecture

GOLDWIN-SMITH HALL —  At the end of their first class of the day, students in Professor Stuart Davis’ Freshman Writing Seminar waited an extra ten minutes past 11:00 for the school bell to ring and signal dismissal to go to next period’s class.

“Are they broken today?” asked Stuart Frye ’20, tapping his #2 pencil against his three-ring binder. “Someone should go on the PA system and let us know if the bells aren’t working. And while they’re at it, they should let us know what’s for lunch!”

During the short ten minutes spent in anticipation of the bell, the restless students discussed their schedules to see if any had the same homeroom.

“I thought Mr. Davis had to let us go. But he just walked out and left us all here by ourselves,” said Sadie Reeves ’20, “Isn’t this his classroom? Where is he going off to?”

The same group of freshmen was seen later that afternoon waiting for their moms to pick them up on East Avenue.

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