Cornell Announces Worst Member of Class of 2020

DICKSON HALL — A month into fall semester, the Worst Student of the Class of 2020 has officially been announced as James Romm, selected from over over 3200 students of this year’s freshmen.

“We are pleased to reveal that, after locking himself out of his dorm room twice in one week, James Romm is now the worst freshman on campus,” stated Associate Dean of Students Arthur Metzger, who also congratulated Romm on his attempt to go to RPCC brunch on a weekday.

Floormates of Romm in his Dickson second floor hall have spoken out saying he is a fantastic choice for Worst Student after he burned microwave popcorn and set off the fire alarm on three separate occasions.

“He’s certainly a great candidate,” said hallmate Steven D’Angela ‘20, “He’s borrowed my shampoo practically every week. I don’t think he actually owns any.”

Romm reportedly missed his award completely after not having checked his Cornell email since arriving on campus.

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