Cornell Store Unveils iClicker 7

HO PLAZA — In a much anticipated announcement, the newest model of the popular iClicker series was revealed during the annual World Wide Notebook Conference at the Cornell Store.

“The iClicker 7 series truly revolutionizes modern teaching through a myriad of cutting-edge advancements,” said Cornell Store Director Tim Carvell, waltzing across the stage sporting a black turtleneck and jeans, brandishing in his hands the newest revolution in educational technology.

The iClicker 7 boasts fascinating new features, such as streaming capabilities to watch live feeds of your professor from the back row, or a headphone jack for the perfect song while you wait for lecture to start. The i7 even requires a touch identification before answering to ensure students can’t skip lecture by giving their clicker to someone else.

“We envisioned a world where you don’t need to scramble from one device to another to answer your quiz questions. With the iClicker 7, all your multiple choice answering needs can be found in one sleek, artfully crafted place,” added Carvell in front of hundreds of crazed students already filling out orders for the newest device.

The Cornell Store listed the iClicker 7’s starting cost as $799, and that they’ll be required during lecture next week.

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