Freshman Has Memory of Record 4 Nights of Wet Week

WEST CAMPUS — In an unprecedented sweep, Abigail Sanchez ‘20 remembered four entire nights of wet week, smashing the previous school record of two.

“It’s all about the technique and staying hydrated,” said Sanchez, still visibly hungover. “You have to pace yourself until the end, and then give it 100% and finish strong.”

The record was clinched on the third night when, in thrilling display of strength, Sanchez politely declined to do another shot, ensuring her recollection of the night remained intact and complete.

The emerging talent attributed part of her success to her mental preparation. “Before this week, I visualized exactly how it would go, from my subtly sexy alien outfit to pretending to enjoy Franzia. This helped me keep my head in the game.”

Sanchez, in shock over her achievement, still remembered to thank her friends. “I couldn’t have done it without my crew,” she said, fondly recalling those who carried her home last night.

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