President Rawlings Seeks Résumé Critique at Career Services

BARNES HALL — Preparing for his re-entry into the unemployment pool this summer, President Rawlings solicited a member of career services to critique his résumé.

“Now that I’ll be looking for a job again, I thought it would be best for someone to make sure everything is up to date and correctly formatted,” said President Rawlings as he entered the service center.

The career specialist looked at Rawlings’ résumé and noticed several glaring weaknesses, specifically with his job history and age.

“It looks like this is the third time you’ve been let go at this position, you will to have to be prepared to explain that to employers. You should also try to develop some technical skills other than sending mass emails, that would really help you compete with younger applicants who are fresh out of their first presidency position,” said the career services worker.

Despite the several deficiencies apparent in his work experiences, Rawlings hopes that Cornell’s name will be enough to get him a job before inauguration.

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