Professor Burkhauser to Teach Econ 1110 at White House

MVR HALL—PAM Professor Emeritus Richard Burkhauser recently accepted a new academic position at the White House, where he will teach introductory microeconomics to the freshman administration.

“I can’t wait to teach the fundamentals of conservative economics to a new batch of students, who will hopefully use those ideas when they get out in the real world,” said Burkhauser.

The White House reportedly hired Professor Burkhauser due to his ability to work with all students regardless of their background before taking an interest in substantive economic policy.

“I’m excited to learn about new concepts like “trade” and “taxes” and apply them to my other classes, like Intro to Politics and Public Speaking,” stated one of Burkhauser’s students.

Burkhauser will begin teaching next semester, with introductory lectures on supply and demand and elasticity scheduled around class field trips to the G20 Summit and the World Economic Forum.

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