Cornell Unwilling to Comment on Whether or Not Touchdown the Bear Has Sex

DAY HALL—Following last weekend’s Homecoming festivities, one topic has come to dominate the on-campus conversation. But after many requests for comment, Cornell appears to be unwilling to address the controversial question: Does Touchdown the Bear have sex?

“The administration’s refusal to clarify this essential issue is honestly quite troubling,” stated student representative Bryan Wiseman ‘18. “For an organization such as a university, transparency and clear communication is of the utmost importance and the lack of statement on whether or not Touchdown the Bear ‘fucks like the goddamn animal that he is’ is a red flag in regards to how the university should handle these kinds of situations.”

“I really have no idea why people are asking about this,” stated a spokesperson for the administration. “Touchdown the Bear is a just a mascot. That’s it. Why does it matter whether he has sex? All he’s supposed to do is inspire school spirit.” After further questioning about whether Touchdown the Bear actually has a dick and if he is a top or bottom, the spokesperson broke down and was not available for further questioning.

While the student body may never receive an official answer from the University, the Ithaca Furry Community (the lesser known IFC) has publicly stated that they would be happy to fill in the blanks with a variety of short-form fiction, fan drawings, and re-enactments on Ho Plaza.

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