Sickly, Depressing Vegetation Lets Returning Student Know She’s Almost Back to Cornell After Break

NEW YORK INTERSTATE ROUTE 81–Noting the increasingly withered and gray vegetation outside the car window, Sarah Pewter ‘20 remarked to her friends that they must be nearing Ithaca on their return trip from Fall Break.

“Look at all the trees in that field that are all shriveled up and don’t have any leaves.” said Pewter, as the landscape of vibrant fall colors they drove by earlier pushed further back in the distance. “We must be almost there!”

Several of Pewter’s friends also chimed in on the scenery, noting that dark and ominous clouds coalesced overhead, and a melancholic aura had permeated the air and chilled each person to their core.

“It’s a great reminder to get back into a Cornell mindset,” added fellow passenger Jessica Chang ‘20. “Every time I’ve driven to back to college, no matter what road I take in, all all the scenery within a ten mile radius of Cornell takes on a uniquely dismal quality.”

The group of friends reported they knew just fifteen minutes were left in their journey when a lone wolf was heard howling forebodingly into the cold Central New York night.

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