Sorority’s Entire New Member Class Already Deactivated

KAPPA NU KAPPA—In a disastrous start to the sisterhood of Kappa Nu Kappa’s semester, the entire new member class deactivated from the sorority within two days of receiving their bids.

“Usually sisters of Nu Kappa wait to deactivate until they’re juniors or seniors,” said sorority president Amy Landerson ‘19. “But it looks like the ladies we got are even more advanced and high-achieving than we expected.”

After spending the extended rush trekking through the snow to different sororities, the frostbitten freshmen were eager to quickly pay their dues, add it to their resumes, and get out.

“They shouldn’t blame themselves,” said Renée Dawson ’22, who deactivated from Nu Kappa Monday evening. “I was just excited to get ahead of the game in the sorority process.”

The sorority’s remaining members are comforted by the fact that sorority life is really about the sisters they made along the way, as well as the upcoming dates of their own deactivations.

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