Cornell Dining Reveals Secret Ingredient in Vegan Cookies: “It’s butter!”

After ten years of proud service as Head Chef of Cornell Dining, Jeremy Rogers finally revealed in a tell-all interview how he bakes his world-famous vegan cookies. According to Rogers, the trick to making his plant-based desserts so delicious has been none other than fresh butter churned right at the Cornell Dairy farm.

Rogers explained that he initially did not consider using butter in his vegan recipes; in fact, the inspiration to try it was merely a stroke of luck. “It was an absolute ‘eureka!’ moment,” he said. “I remember thinking, ‘why aren’t more chefs doing this?’”

Dining Manager Melissa Stone says Rogers’ inventive recipes have transformed how students eat on campus. “One of our greatest accomplishments at Cornell has been making the vegan lifestyle more accessible for students,” Stone said. “We have Jeremy to thank for that.”

Student Tina Lee ‘26 fondly recalls the day she first tried her favorite vegan treats on campus. “When I took a bite, I said ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter!’ We all had a big laugh about that later on.”

In response to student protests that chefs should use vegan butter instead, Cornell Dining issued a public statement: “In our pursuit of making vegan desserts taste authentic, we see no better solution than pure, free-range, grass-fed, cow’s milk butter.” 

When it comes to employing creativity in culinary pursuits, cookies are just the tip of the iceberg for Rogers. When asked how he makes his iconic vegan chocolate cake during the interview, Rogers offered a roguish grin: “The trick is a couple of eggs,” he replied.

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