Ruloff’s Follows Popular Collegetown Bar Trend by Closing

COLLEGETOWN- In order to keep up in the competitive Collegetown bar scene, Ruloff’s has followed the path of many of its rivals Monday by closing forever.

“It does seem like the thing to do if you’re a C-Town bar these days,” said senior Rich Beckham in front of the former night life hot spot.

“All of the most popular places are doing it. The Palms, Johnny O’s, The Gates, Dino’s. It can’t be long before places like Dunbar’s and Level B follow suit.”

While saddened, many agree that this move fits with the direction of the neighborhood.

“If you just look around Collegetown you can see the area is starting to develop a rustic, ghost town-y feel,” said Professor Susan Christopherson, Chair of the Cornell Department of City and Regional Planning, as a tumbleweed rolled by behind her on College Avenue.

“The vacant storefront should really complement all the other vacant storefronts.”

At press time, sources were reporting a number of Asian restaurants expressing interest in the bar’s former location.

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