Tapestry Helps Roommates Feel Comfortable Telling Racist Jokes

NORTH CAMPUS- Reports are indicating that after attending the 7 p.m. Tapestry session at the Schwartz Center’s Kiplinger Theater, freshmen roommates Jared Dirienzo, Ian Thomas, and Shawn Kilpatrick have become comfortable enough around one another to tell racist jokes.

“When you first meet your roommates, things can be kind of weird. You have to get a feel for them before you know what sort of things you can talk about,” explained Thomas of the relationship between the three High Rise 5 residents and closet bigots.

“But after Tapestry so openly discussed sensitive topics like race, we felt much more comfortable making fun of them ourselves. I’m still not sure if we’re ready to open the door to jokes making fun of gays and Jews, but I imagine it’s on the horizon.”

When asked if he thought he understood the point of Tapestry, Thomas responded confidently, “Of course, wasn’t it obvious? The whole point was that racism is okay if it’s all in good fun.”

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