Intern Misses Being Paid To Sit on Ass All Day

COLLEGETOWN – After leaving his internship at Microsoft and starting his fall semester, rising senior Ross Silversmith reportedly misses being paid to sit on his ass all day at work now that he’s back at school sitting on his ass and earning no money.

“I miss my time as an intern on a stipend, when I would do absolutely nothing and take extended coffee breaks,” Silversmith shared. “One easy way to get out of having to do stuff was to set your calendar to busy and then just go and sleep in a different section of the office. Making twenty dollars an hour doing that all summer sure was a blast.”

When asked about problems with his internship, Silversmith commented, “Sometimes, people at work would want me to do stuff, but I didn’t know how to do that stuff. So I would tell one of my supervisors I needed help, but in the end they would just do the job for me. It was a pretty valuable experience, and I even made some decent cash!”

Silversmith did eventually have to give an end of the summer presentation on his progress, so he presented on his favorite memes from the Facebook chat he was on during most of his recorded hours.

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