Avant-garde Hotelie Unveils Establishment Dinner Theme “Spheres and Cubes”

STATLER HOTEL—School of Hotel Administration student Michael Lowett ‘18 took over this week’s Establishment dinner with an experimental and unorthodox meal solely comprised of small geometric patterns.

Lowett described his menu as “a piece that captures the duality of life and religion,” but when customers showed up for the event, almost no food was served. “It was an eight course meal, but I mean, most of the courses were a single jelly bean,” said one unsatisfied student.

“The food doesn’t matter,” Lowett wrote in the Facebook event for the dinner. “I tried to do some groundbreaking stuff, stop asking me about the food.”

The dining experience, advertised as “an evening inside a mirror,” further upset the customers with 3 hours of loud spoken word poetry about the planet Mars blasted over the speaker system.

Lowett’s professor has publicly come out supporting the dinner theme, stating: “Lowett really revolutionized the Establishment’s themed dinners. People didn’t understand Picasso when he drew noses on foreheads. This is the same thing.”

Despite many complaints about the dining experience, the University has announced that part of Lowett’s dinner will be transformed into the next arts quad exhibit.

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