Cornell Alumnus ‘79 Still On Ukulele Club Listserv

WICHITA, KANSAS—Nearly 40 years after graduating and moving far beyond Cayuga’s Waters, Alumnus Harold Cromwell ‘79 is still on the Ukulele Club Listserv.

“I’m not even in the club,” said Cromwell. “I just got roped into signing up during Clubfest my freshman year. They had Skittles, which were like the new big thing. What even is a ukulele, some kind of bird?”

Email was an exciting phenomenon in 1975, and has since often stumped students using it for their clubs. Ukulele Club members, for instance, have been unable to figure out how to remove alumnae such as Cromwell from their listserv for over four decades.

“We send out maybe 1, 2 emails out a day to over 7000 members with meeting times and songs to listen to,” said current club president Winnie Kuroda ‘19, not realizing that of the 7000, 86% have graduated, over half have never touched a ukulele, and maybe 50 have died from old age.

Sources confirmed that Cromwell ‘79 plans to finally check out what the club has to offer, as he has become quite the bird enthusiast lately.

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