Lone Homework-Related Tab Sad Reminder of Productive Time Long Past

OLIN LIBRARY—As Sarah Liang ’22 watched the tenth consecutive Instagram story from an acquaintance she hadn’t talked to since high school, she noticed the one tab at the far left of her browser related to her homework, bringing back memories of the work she set out to do two hours before.

Seeing the tab, which contained two problem set solutions and was directly adjacent to six tabs of /r/amitheasshole posts, made Liang briefly consider resuming her work as she closed and instinctively reopened Instagram.

“Just five more minutes then I’ll get back to work,” she thought to herself, knowing full well that she’d waste at least an hour before noticing the tab again.

As of press time, Liang had reopened the tab, wrote one and a half sentences, and then pulled up a Bon Appétit video where they make gourmet Butterfingers.

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