50 Students in Zoom Patiently Waiting For 2-Person Side Conversation to End

ZOOM SERVERS—Members of the Cornell Flyer project team have spent the last 90 seconds sitting patiently on the team meeting Zoom call while teammates Sarah Chen ’21 and Jacob Thomas ’22 engaged in an ongoing discussion about a TV show they both like.

“I was all set to ask a question about the shape of the airfoils, but I haven’t been able to get a word in since Jackson and Sarah started raving about some scene in ‘Killing Eve.’ I don’t think anyone else in the call has watched that show,” said Maya Tobin ’22. “The scene does sound pretty good, but I’d like to get back to discussing the new wing design.”

Most members on the call expected the aside to end after Thomas mentioned that he’d been watching the show and Chen exclaimed that she loved the nightclub scene, but quickly realized they’d be waiting for a while after Thomas began to talk about “how good” the acting is in that sequence.

Team lead Alejandra Dan ’20 began trying to curtail the exchange 15 seconds ago, but the two talkers have yet to register her attempts to interject.

“I hope they finish up soon,” said Darius Tinker ’21. “I want to make sure there’s time to discuss my thoughts on the BoJack Horseman series finale.”

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