PE Requirement Fulfilled! I Walked To The 3rd Floor Of Baker Lab

BAKER LAB — Students looking to get their PE requirement out of the way quickly have a new option: trekking to the third floor of Baker Lab. While most students opt to casually bowl twice a week to fulfill the University’s Physical Education requirement, those willing to challenge themselves can instead choose to conquer the treacherous Baker Hill.

The strenuous hike is certainly not for everyone, with many people reporting symptoms of shortness of breath, intense sweat, and an urge to never attend class again. As Reese Anderson ‘25 put it, “Marching up the hill is one thing, but entering that sweltering building, climbing up three flights of stairs, and throwing yourself at the first chair available in lecture is a taxing and downright demeaning ordeal.” 

But some students were happy to report that they were more than up for the challenge. “At first I was really confused as to why my history class was in a science building, and was kind of annoyed,” remarked Molly Egan ‘26. “But then I realized that I was getting two required classes out of the way in one shot.”

When asked if she planned on going back to Baker after successfully completing the arduous journey, Egan quickly began ranting about “goddamn overachievers” who would continue to walk up to class after the first day.

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