Student Who Didn’t Send Out a Single Resume All Semester Excited to Open “RE: Job Opportunity” Email

COLLEGETOWN—After months of putting in absolutely no effort to secure an internship for the summer, Tanmay Anand ’21 was relieved that he finally landed a coveted Job Opportunity.

“I still haven’t gotten around to actually apply anywhere, so I’m guessing some recruiter found my Linkedin and emailed me thinking I’d be a perfect fit,” Anand said, referencing a Linkedin profile that includes a list of high school honors societies, his slightly above average PSAT score, and that time his youth group built houses in South America.

Since the email he received didn’t mention specifics about the job, or actually contain any text in its body at all, Anand is looking forward to learning more by clicking on the nice, big, blue box inviting him to “Display the trusted message” regarding the very real and legitimate job prospect that definitely awaits him.

Thinking about the email’s high level encryption, Anand decided that the company must be pretty official if confidentiality was this important to them, and proceeded to call his mom to tell her he might have just gotten scouted by the CIA.


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