Students Excited to See Some Diversity in Collegetown Food Scene with Addition of New Asian Restaurant

EDDY STREET— With Miyake, a beloved Japanese restaurant, recently closing its doors, members of the Collegetown community are reportedly saddened by the loss, but enthusiastic for new diversity in the C-town food landscape —in the form of Masita, a new Asian restaurant.

“I was actually, like, super scared,” commented Abigail Jimenez ‘21. “With Miyake closing, I wasn’t really sure where I would be able to satisfy my cravings for Asian food nearby.”

Some of the “foodier” residents of Collegetown are eager to see a new Asian restaurant arrive, as well. The news brings hope that Collegetown’s regional flavor profile might be elevated to the expectations of even the most refined local critics.

“A Pan-Asian place will really help quench the community’s thirst for a balanced, artisanal, and almost-exclusively East Asian plate,” said Jack Schmidtt ‘22. “With existing access to over a dozen Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian restaurants within a three-block radius, what more could someone want? Pan-Asian, of course! We’ve cracked the code! I mean, what else could we be missing?”

Jimenez and Schmidtt had no comment about Collegetown’s either absence or underrepresentation of Middle Eastern, Italian, Southern, Mexican, South American, Caribbean, African, Spanish, Eastern European, or French cuisine.

Photo Credit: Boris Tsang, Cornell Daily Sun

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