Student Forgets iClicker, Confident He Can Download, Set up Mobile App Before Question Closes

URIS G01—After facing an iClicker question in lecture and realizing he left his iClicker at home, Chad Morrison ‘22 began the process of purchasing the Reef app, confident he could set everything up before the question closed.

“Yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard,” Morrison said. “Eduroam is pretty fast in this building, and my phone is brand new. I just need to install a quick app store update first.

The class grade largely rests on participation marked by iClicker answers, so Morrison hustled to save the .02% of his grade now at stake. As the professor announced the imminent closing of the answer, Morrison remained hard at work, speeding past the purchase and jumping into installment, sure as ever that he could ultimately find, download, install, register for, and set up the iClicker mobile app in the ten more seconds before the instructor disabled the question.

“I think he can do it. We’re all rooting for him,” said classmate Jillian Farris ‘22. “I told him what the app was called, and the professor’s moving slower today—whatever it takes to answer this specific question.”

After whipping through the update installment, Morrison ended up hitting a roadblock after forgetting his iTunes password, his backup email password, and his backup backup email password.

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