Small Company at Career Fair Just Happy to be There

BARTON HALL—In the midst of representatives from much larger companies, Tony Brown, CEO and recruiter for a small software company based in Connecticut, reported that he was honestly just grateful for the opportunity to attend this semester’s career fair.

“Sure, the bigger companies tend to get more attention, but I think our mission will really appeal to a lot of students,” Brown said, right before a student asked him where the Facebook table was.

While other companies had drawstring backpacks and t-shirts to lure in potential recruits, Brown showed up to the career fair with a paltry number of stress balls and a few phone wallets. “Every few minutes a student will walk over, grab some swag, and leave. Even though they didn’t ask about career opportunities, I’m really glad they approached our table!”

“I’m super excited to be here and show Cornell what makes our company special,” Brown continued as several students hurried past, making a beeline towards the light blue Goldman Sachs table.

As the rest of Barton Hall bustled with blazer-clad upperclassmen with their sights set on Bloomberg or Google, Brown continued to stand behind his table alone, practicing his freshman internship pitch, and really just doing his best.

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