Bold Champion of Health and Safety Gives Courageous Glare to No-Masker

HO PLAZA—Hoda Dabiri ‘23 took a fearless stand in the name of health and wellness when she lightly furrowed her brow at a mask-less passerby while walking to her only in-person class this Thursday.

“I definitely considered saying something, but I decided against it,” said the breathless defender of the campus community. “Instead I just sorta squinted my eyes to let them know that I strongly disapprove.”

The forceful message was entirely lost on the no-masked student, who could not distinguish any change in expression from behind Dabiri’s face mask and sunglasses.

“Oh, she glared at me? I didn’t even notice,” responded Justin Cold ‘24 . “If she had just reminded out loud me to put my mask on, I probably would have done it.”

Following the incident, Dabiri took a well-deserved break from being on the vanguard of the pandemic response by scrolling through Instagram and passively judging all her friends that posted pictures in a group without masks.

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